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Engelstalige websites

Onderstaande websites zijn  naar onze mening interessant en (voor wie de Engelse taal machtig is) een bezoekje waard.
Door op een onderstreepte tekst te klikken surft u naar de genoemde site.
Na ieder onderstreept adres volgt het motto van de site en de naam van de maker (voor zover bekend).
Voor alle teksten op het web (en ook voor alle teksten op onze eigen site) geldt:
Onderzoek de Schriften en ga na "of deze dingen zo zijn" (Handelingen 17:11)
"Beproeft alles, behoudt het goede. Onthoudt u van elke vorm van kwaad" (1 Thessalonicenzen 5:21-22)
Over sommige pagina's hebben wij onze twijfels - maar de pagina's zetten je wel aan het denken.

Answers in Genesis:  answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis (Ken Ham)
Believer:  A Scripture-based Library that Reveals God's Truth, not the Traditions and Commandments of Men (author unknown)
Bible Student's Notebook:  "Presenting Every Man Perfect in Christ Jesus"  (Colossians 1:28) (Clyde Pilkington)
Bible Truths:  You Fools! You Hypocrites! You Snakes! Meet the Real Jesus Many Hate (L. Ray Smith)
Concordant Publishing Concern: Download a PDF of Any of the Books We Publish.
Growth in God: Fresh Light from the Scriptures on Subjects Old and New (Robert Beecham)
Heaven Dwellers: "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth" (2 Timothy 2:15) (Tom Ballinger)
Jesus the Light of the World: Declaring the Wonderful Hope that All Mankind Will Be Saved, Eventually (Allen Steinhauer)
Keith DeRose: The Really Good News, The New Christians Blog, Generous Orthodoxy Think Tank (Keith DeRose) Answers from the World's Most Outspoken Bible Scholar (Jeff Priddy)
Omniology: Official Website of the "California Institute of Omniology"  (Henry Johnson, Joe Taylor)
Philologos: Religious Online Books. For Lovers of the Word. A Must Visit.
Restoration Fellowship: Recovering the beliefs of the first-century disciples of Jesus, the Messiah (Sir Anthony Buzzard)
Salvation of All: The Audio and Video Collection (Wim Janse)
Saviour of All Fellowship: "These things be charging and teaching"  (1 Timothy 4:11) (Dean Hough, Tony Nungesser)
Tentmaker: "Jesus Christ, the Savior of All Men, Especially Those Who Believe" (1 Timothy 4:10) (Gary Amirault)
The Differentiator Revisited:  Devoted to Reverent Research of the Sacred Scriptures for the Purpose of Upbuilding the Body of Christ (Rick Farwell)
The Herald of God's Grace:  A Library of Articles about the Salvation and Reconciliation of All Mankind  (author unknown)
Theological Studies:  An Internet Resource for Studying Christian Theology (Rob Bradshaw)
The Purpose of Life: Jesus Came To Defeat Death and Bring Life to All, To Bring About a Restoration of All Creation (Gerry Watts)
The Spirit of the Word: Online Version of a Newsletter that Was Originally Published by Arthur P. Adams
Tom Talbott's site:  Tradition has Twisted the New Testament Message of Love, Forgiveness, and Hope into a Message of Fear and Condemnation.
Truth or Tradition?: Helping You Understand the Word of God, Free from the Traditions of Men (Spirit and Truth Fellowship International)
Twenty-First Century Reformation Online: The pursuit of original Christianity in our time (online magazine)

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